To date the fund has awarded over 1200 grants to a diverse range of species across the world, recognising leaders in the field and elevating the importance of species in the broader conservation debate.

This project is what has nurtured our passion to work with conservation organisations. Given the choice of producing a website for a city insurance firm or a team of conservationists, we know who we’d choose.

Project scope

This project encompassed a complete understanding of their needs to build a website and work in collaboration with a number of organisations. Overall execution of the project is managed by MBZ in partnership with the Secretariat of the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species’ Dugong Memorandum and under supervision of UNEP and GEF.

The DSCP provided a Request for Proposal with the following objectives for their website:

  • To improve the conservation status of dugongs and their seagrass habitats across the Indian and Pacific Ocean basins.
  • Encourage community involvement in and responsibility for targeted protected areas.
  • Encourage sustainable fisheries practices among local fishing communities.
  • Remove barriers to the knowledge needed for effective conservation.
  • Incorporate dugong and seagrass conservation priorities and measures into national and regional policy, planning and regulatory frameworks.
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Project Outcome

Together the DSCP and Intex Design teams worked together and engaged input from the numerous organisations that were involved in the project. A key part of the website was to make best use of the photography available. We undertook a process of reviewing conservation websites to find a balance between visual aesthetics and user functionality. We felt that whilst many modern sites within this sector look fantastic (e.g. Conservation International), the user journeys become blurred and confusing upon browsing with information sometimes difficult to find.

This allows them to get familiar with the back-end and review how it operates. Users to a system might find issues or spot opportunities overlooked by the developer. Making amendments is easier whilst everything is fresh in the mind of all those involved. In addition a development site will be set up on the same server (or using an identical technical environment) to test new site features and generally deploy functionality for client approval before been made live. It will connect to a separate database so that it can also be used by your staff for any CMS training without impacting the live site. Site files will be mirrored /synced to another server in a separate physical location, so backups are instant. The database will be copied every hour (incremental in case it needs to be rolled back). Old database copies will get removed, but site files will be kept on the off-site back-up even if they’re deleted from the main server (in case they are deleted by mistake). Essentially the website will be backed up to ensure no data is lost.

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Within 6 months of launch...

Users increased
Sessions increased
Page views increased
Organic search acquisition increased

I managed the implementation of this project and worked closely with the team throughout. From our first communication, I was very impressed with their professionalism, enthusiasm and understanding of the task in hand. Importantly in our case, they also fully appreciated CLP’s mission and view-point of our many stakeholders. Their pitch for the job shone out amongst the competition.

The primary objectives of our new website were to communicate our activities to a broad range of visitors (funding applicants, existing grantees, donors and the conservation community), showcase work achieved through CLP support, and demonstrate the importance of developing leaders and their institutions to conserve biodiversity. They were tasked with conducting a complete redesign of our old website including its structure and how we present our work and that of our grantees.

Intex Digitial is an excellent company to work with, bringing expert knowledge, integrity and a positive attitude. Throughout project design they methodically researched solutions to meet our needs and provided regular updates to me and my team members on the project from start to finish. We are all absolutely delighted with the end product. Our new website has attracted praise and user figures are up significantly.

Since the website went live we have not experienced any problems and they continue to provide technical support and advice as well as provide design and branding services which continue to make a large impact on our programme’s communications.

Their internal communication and general project management between key members of their team "bridged the gap" between the technical and the functional. Overall, they provide a tremendous contribution to CLP. Intex Digitial successfully completed work on time through individual effort with the highest level of openness and honesty. I highly recommend them for any website work.

Stuart Paterson
Executive Manager, Conservation Leadership Programme
Fauna & Flora International

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